Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin
$1.25 each (minimum 12)

With or without nuts
$2.75 each (minimum 12)

Traditional Mediterranean pastry made with phyllo dough and walnuts
$3.25 each (minimum 12)

Strawberry Shortcake
Your choice of biscuits or Angel cake, with strawberries and whipped cream
$4.50 each (minimum 12)

Apple Crisp
Fresh apples and cinnamon baked with crumb topping, served with whipped cream

Grapenut Custard
Grape nuts and raisins in a creamy custard

Bread Pudding
Cinnamon swirl bread, with raisins and pecans, topped off with whipped cream and banana syrup

Pineapple Lady Finger Cake
Delicate lady fingers, layered with a mixture of cream cheese, whipped cream and pineapples

New York Style Cheesecake
Creamy vanilla bean cheesecake, garnished with fresh strawberries

Carrot Cake
Moist carrot cake, with a cream cheese frosting sprinkled with walnuts

Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake
Mascarpone cheese mixed with heavy cream, layered with a chocolate chip cake and topped with chocolate shavings

Spumoni Cake
A tri-colored layered bundt cake, drizzled with a chocolate glaze


Your choice of flavors:
Chocolate cake drizzled with Tia Maria, with layers of chocolate pudding and real whipped cream, covered with chocolate shavings

White cake soaked in Chambord, with layers of raspberry whipped cream, vanilla pudding and topped with layers of fresh berries

Angel cake layered with strawberry yogurt, real whipped cream and fresh strawberries

Apple: $12
Blueberry: $14
Chocolate or Banana Cream Pie: $14