OPTION A - $19.95 per person
Choose one salad, one main course, one side dish and one dessert

Salad Choices
Garden Salad • Caesar Salad

Main Courses
Ravioli • Shepard's Pie • Pulled Pork • Baked Macaroni and Cheese.•.Chicken Stir Fry

Create Your Own Pasta
Choose any pasta and pair it with any sauce for a customized dish

Pasta Choices
Angel Hair • Penne • Farfalle • Cavatappi • Spaghetti • Rigatoni

Sauce Choices
Marinara • Tomato Cream • Arrabiata • Pesto • Alfredo

Side Dishes
Rice Pilaf • Mashed Potatoes • Green Beans • Glazed Carrots • Butternut Squash

Cookies • Brownies • Strawberry Shortcake

OPTION B - $21.95 per person
Choose one salad, two main courses, two side dishes and one dessert.

Choices include everything in Option A, as well as:

Salad Choices
Fattoush Salad • Classic Greek Salad • Pasta Salad • Potato Salad

Main Courses
Eggplant Parmesan • Chicken Parmesan
Sausage, Peppers and Onions • Baked Kibbe
Chicken Kabobs • Lazy Man's Lasagna
Penne, Chicken and Broccoli • Mediterranean Pasta

Side Dishes
Roasted Potato Wedges • Broccoli Florets • Creamed Spinach • Baked Beans

Grapenut Custard • Bread Pudding • Carrot Cake